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Our mission

Increase the average annual donation in Quebec by building technologies that mobilize all generations to the importance of giving back.

La main représente l'action de faire un don à une cause que la personne choisit.

Our story

The adventure of the Nooé Foundation begins in Quebec in 2019.

Driven by the desire to give back part of the Mirego company's profits to charities and to involve team members in the donation allocation process, a small group of employees is mobilizing to to create a first prototype of a digital platform. The proposed solution was to allow everyone to support the causes, small or large, that were close to their hearts, while allowing them to experience the emotion of giving back as a team.

More than 100 charities were helped in the first year. Internal use of the platform was a great success. Noting that the average annual donation in Quebec is significantly lower here than elsewhere in Canada, the idea came to create an external foundation to promote the platform and allow other Quebec companies to mobilize their teams to give back and thus contribute to increase our average annual donation.

Our team

Florence Petit-Gagnon


Albert Dang-Vu


Chloé Laflamme

Business development coordinator

Rémi Prévost

Senior Software Developer

Martin Bonneville

Product Director

Anne Morin

Product Director

Olivier Aubin

Senior Product Designer

Marie-Ève Simard

Communication and marketing intern

Board of directors

Nicolas Bouchard

Founder of DuProprio, investor and participatory advisor

François Ducharme

Founding Partner and Managing Director of TACT

Henrick Simard

Associate lawyer in business law at Fasken

Albert Dang-vu

Co-founder of Nooé
President of Premier Tech Digital

Florence Petit-Gagnon

Co-founder of Nooé

Constance Deschênes St-Pierre

Managing Director PTLS Virentia - Strategy and Sustainability Director
Premier Tech

Our partners and collaborators

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