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Terms of Service

In order to use the platform, the participating company needs to provide us with a list of users authorized to use the platform. We need the first names, last names and email addresses to create user accounts. The provided information, as well as the nonprofits and the amounts selected by users will be stored in our database. Nooé will take reasonable measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of all data managed by the platform. At the end of each campaign, a list of nonprofits and amounts to be donated will be provided to the company. It is then the responsibility of the company to make donations to the charities chosen by its employees. Nooé does not handle corporate funds and donations to nonprofits.

All the nonprofits present on the platform have a registration number with the Canada Revenue Agency. It should be noted that Nooé only provides a platform for employees to choose which nonprofits they wish to donate to and do not get involved in the operations of the nonprofits. Therefore, Nooé cannot be held responsible for how donations are managed by nonprofits.

Version of January 19, 2021

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